Video: How F1 cars should sound – Williams FW07C

18th January 2017
Ethan Jupp

What era of F1 embodies what the sport is known for, and what it should all be about? The turbos of the late ‘80s? The sonorous naturally aspirated machines of the ‘90s? Perhaps the return to power that the 3.0-litre era ushered in? All are contenders…

To that list you can add the star of this video: the Williams FW07C belongs to the much-celebrated ground-effect era. These cars combine the boundary-pushing ground-effect aero technology with sonorous naturally-aspirated engines giving, in period, cars that pushed the performance envolope of what was considered possible, and delivered the quintessential F1 soundtrack we so mourn the loss of today. Watch as 2016 Masters Historic F1 Drivers' Champion, and Goodwood lap record holder, Nick Padmore gives us a tour of the FW07C at Silverstone Classic, and tells us why he thinks this era was a peak in the history of F1.

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