Video: Let the master of Minis Nick Swift talk you through a swift lap of Goodwood

28th November 2019
Ben Miles

There is possibly no one in the world who has more knowledge of racing Minis than Nick Swift.

When he’s at Goodwood the man behind Swiftune, which builds the engines for most historic racing Minis around, can normally be found behind the wheel of a car powered by such an engine, and the 78th Members’ Meeting was no exception.

Since he has an almost unmatched record in terms of racing Minis here, we thought it would be a good idea to sit down with him and ask him how he does it. So we did just that.

Over a couple of laps of Goodwood in Willow 2, his trusty green Mini, Nick lets us know exactly what’s going on behind the wheel as he hustles through the Betty Richmond Trophy in a fierce, but friendly, battle with his good friend, and Goodwood lap record holder, Nick Padmore.

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