Video: Lotus 79 visor-cam gloriousness

18th October 2016
Ethan Jupp

One of the best moments of the 74th Members' Meeting back in March occured when two groups of 'ground effect' F1 cars took to the track for an awesome high-speed demo. One of those cars was the mighty Lotus 79, a stunning black and gold, aero-driven powerhouse propelled by a growling Cosworth DFV.

What a glorious pairing they made, but what was it like to be the man tasked with piloting such a machine? Enter our friends over at Racer magazine, a helmet mount, and an action camera. The result is this awesome footage from Laguna Seca. Just listen to the legendary yell of that Cosworth-designed engine as it is pushed round the famous curves of the Californian circuit. It's almost as if Mario Andretti is sat next to you.

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