Video: On board a screaming Chevron B8 at Goodwood – the dream track car?

24th May 2017
Ethan Jupp

What is the perfect track car? This is the eternally unanswered question for the grassroots car enthusiast to tackle with all the funds and patience at his or her disposal. “Lotus Elise” you may cry, “Ariel Atom”! Noted, thanks. Find in the video below a left-field and might we say utterly fantastic answer.

It’s a Chevron B8 being utterly thrashed (rather handily, may we add) at the recent GRRC Spring Sprint, by ace racecar preparer and top jockey Patrick Blakeney-Edwards. Just listen to the thing! It’s quite obviously “only” a four-pot, but turned up to eleven. Would you take this over a top-of-the-line Exige for a blast around Goodwood?

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  • grrc_spring_sprint_paddock_list_18042017_439.jpg


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