Video: WEC stars battle on the streets of Copenhagen

09th August 2016
Ben Miles

Andre Lotterer and Nicki Thiim are used to spending a lot of time on a racetrack together, but normally they aren't in a straight fight, Lotterer battling for victory in his Audi R18 while Thiim squables for GT spoils in his Aston Martin Vantage.

But a couple of weekends ago the pair did get the chance to test each others mettle, as they competed in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. It is an event we at GRR are yet to see in person, but one which sounds pretty epic, classic race cars battling on the streets of one of Europe's most beautiful cities? What could be better, Revival aside of course!

Thiim and Lotterer dutifuly left none of their racing talent in the locker room, battling in a pair of Lotus Cortinas through the twisty track in the video above, which shows the fight from Thiim's perspective. Maybe we'll have to be in Copenhagen ourselves in 2017...

  • Andre Lotterer

  • Nicki Thiim

  • Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

  • Lotus Cortina

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