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Video: Carlos Sainz dices with the limit in his Subaru rally car

Videos: Our favourite YouTube car clips we've shared in 2023

We’re at the end of another fun-filled year here at GRR and on top of reflecting on the content we’ve put out, we’ve also been giving some thought as to our favourite videos from the selection we tend to try and share every day from across the YouTube-sphere. All being well, barring a few missed entries, we should have an Elevenses for every working day of 2023. From that 250-odd selection, we’ve picked out seven that we absolutely loved. From an insane time attack-prepped Audi R8, to a sample of 1990s historic action at the Manx Classic, to a helmet cam ride-along with a 1960s Eagle F1 car. Truthfully, we lost hours going through these trying to pick out our favourites and we could lose many more. So here are just a few to help you while away some of the last working days and hours of 2023…


Most popular from Historic