MAY 13th 2015

On Track Today ‑ The Koenigsegg One:1 Returns To Goodwood

Yes, it’s been here before, but that won’t stop us getting excited when one of only seven Koenigsegg One:1s ever made turns up at our track.


Just an average track day in this part of the world, and, unlike the deluge last time, the good weather came out to play with the supercars. There were Ferraris (458 Speciale, FF, F12) Bentleys (Continental GT and Flying Spur) and, possibly rarest of all, a Zenos E10.

But, for all the millions-of-pounds of metal and carbon fibre on show, it was the striking, matte blue and black, Koenigsegg that was getting all the attention. It didn’t just look fast, when it went out on track it was almost unbelievably rapid. Now to try and get our hands on the Regera

Photography by Ben Miles

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