All-electric Integrale is back in rallying

24th November 2021
Ethan Jupp

In what has to be one of the strangest turns of events this year, a Lancia Delta Integrale is returning to off-road competition, with an entry into the 2022 World Rallycross Championship. Of course, there is indeed a twist – it will be electric. Meet the GCK Motorsport Lancia Delta Evo-e. 


Underpinning the Delta Evo-e will of course be the RX1e kit by Kreisel Electric, which will be powering all cars on the grid for next year. With 690PS (500kW) delivered through all four wheels, there ought to be no shortage of shove. Indeed, it’s claimed next year’s electric rallycross cars will be capable of out-accelerating F1 cars. 

The Delta Evo-e competition car comes from GCK off the back of the Exclusiv-e electric powertrain retrofit project which fits road-going Deltas with electric power. It’s claimed it combines “the charm of the past with the technology of the future”. Does that mean performance of the future as well? We’ll find out next year...


As for why they chose the Delta? Well, it’s sort of a no-brainer, being one of the most successful and beloved rally cars of the last 40 years. GCK President Guerlain Chicherit called the Delta “the rally car par excellence – without doubt the most incredible of its era – and one that remains hugely popular to this day”.

What will it look like? Well, the renderings sort of indicate a Group A machine with some added Group B attitude, including blistered arches, a massive double-layered wing and a jutting splittered nose. Reflecting its updated internals, there are new LED light graphics and a new livery.

What classic rally car would you have reborn as an electric RX car for 2022?

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