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JAN 19th 2023

Ethan Jupp

The best racing games coming in 2023 | FOS Future Lab

Last year was a mixed bag when it comes to racing games. We finally got Gran Turismo 7, albeit a little later than expected, and we got Need for Speed: Unbound, which was a bit of a laugh. Another fun title that launched in 2022 was Grid: Legends, which combined some of the sensibilities of the Grid games with some assets pilfered from the Project Cars series. All in it turned out to be a fun, albeit limited, arcade racer. A great send-off for the KT-developed WRC series was WRC Generations – we look forward to seeing what’s next for that title.

It was all quiet on the Forza front though, with the hotly anticipated Motorsport reboot being pushed another year, though a trailer and gameplay was shown. As was Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, which after missing its September 2022 deadline, surely has to make an appearance in 2023. Let’s count down the games we sorely hope we’ll see in 2023.


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