Ferrari 488 Modificata is a GT3 rule-breaking racer

25th November 2020
Bob Murray

Short of a Formula 1 Ferrari, is there likely to be a faster Prancing Horse around a circuit than the car you see here? Unlikely. It might be “only” a 488 supercar at heart but this is the new 488 Modificata – and it’s been well and truly modificated to represent the pinnacle of the breed. It’s what you get when you toss the rulebook away.


The Modificata is a track-only machine unleashed by Ferrari to represent the best of its GT racers, both GTE and GT3 machines, but paying absolutely no heed at all to any racing restrictions. Take away the FIA’s Balance of Performance and suddenly 500PS becomes a rather more healthy 700PS.

The 488 Modificata would never be allowed on a GTE grid with that power, but for the sort of track use that Ferrari intends for this limited-edition special, it promises to do very nicely thank you. For all those racers out there who think their regular 488 GTE or GT3 steed is just a bit on the slow side, this is the car for you…


The 700 horses, courtesy of the familiar twin-turbo V8, are stabled in a car that otherwise is a synthesis of GTE and GT3 racers both of which, says Ferrari, bring something of their race-proven own to the Modificata party. The result is a car not just substantially more powerful than the Le Mans-winning competition machines but one just as light weight and even more aerodynamic – again, a benefit of being able to ditch the FIA rulebook.

The aero might look GT-race familiar but is in fact a new high-downforce set-up developed during work at the Nordschleife. The aim was to shift the pressure centre forward to create more downforce at the front without increasing overall drag, making for better efficiency and sensitivity to changes in rear wing angle. Ferrari says the Modificata is forced down on to the tarmac by the pressure of 1,000kg at 143mph.


All the bodywork is carbon-fibre apart from the roof and uprights, just like the 488 GTE. The engineers also looked to the GTE for the Modificata’s suspension, while the latest GT3 Evo donated its anti-lock system to the new braking set-up developed with Brembo.

Specific engine parts carried over from them the GT race engines, along with more extreme engine mapping, achieve the increased power without harming engine reliability, says Maranello. The gearbox is available with different transmission ratios and there’s a carbon-fibre clutch to cope with the increased power and torque.

The Modificata is equipped with Bosch telemetry data acquisition, a rear-view camera, second seat and tyre temperature and pressure measuring system. That’s all as standard; optional is whatever your heart desires, with plenty of customisation options inside and out.


As the pictures show, it all looks the part. But what’s the point when it will never be allowed to race? Is this really no more than just an ultimate track-day toy? Well it’s that for sure, but the plan is that it will race as well in Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

These are a sort of open-house Ferrari GT track fest where the aim, says Ferrari, is to bring back to the track the most significant and successful Prancing Horse closed­-wheel racecars, from the F40 Competizione to the latest GT3. Five meets are planned ­at places like Monza, Watkins Glen, Suzuka and Nürburgring.

If you fancy this ­– and lining up on a grid in this alongside an F40 sounds fun – there’s just one snag: the 488 Modificata is initially being made available only to Competizioni GT drivers.

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