MAY 26th 2014

On track today: Lancia Motor Club (26/05)

We were pleased to welcome the Lancia Motor Club to Goodwood on Saturday 24th. We hoped that they’d bring with them a diverse wealth of Lancias old and not-so-old, and we weren’t disappointed.

Amongst the attendees were an exquisite Flaminia Convertible, a pair of Aurelia B20s; one dripping with specialist Nardi equipment, an oh-so-pretty Aprilia, and of more recent vintage a fearsome Delta Integrale Evoluzione. Special mention should go to Dieter Bauer from Munich, who squeezed in a track session at Goodwood in the middle of a three week tour of the South of England with is wife Isabella. He’d even had a Union flag applied to the roof of his Beta HF Coupe for the occasion.

It wasn’t all Lancias, though. There was an Alfa Romeo or two present, and even a screaming Autobianchi Abarth. Evidently, everyone present had an enjoyable time and hopefully the next time they grace our 2.4 miles of hallowed West Sussex blacktop there will be a fitting amount of sunshine for them to enjoy!

Pictures: Barry Wiseman

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