This Aston Vantage is an 850PS V12 drift monster

05th April 2022
Ethan Jupp

Charity racing outfit The Heart of Racing has unveiled its latest racing Aston Martin. It is not however destined for IMSA, where the team’s Vantages are often seen competing. This car is due to take part in this year’s season of Formula Drift.

Yes, you read that right. An Aston Martin Vantage drift car. The car is a converted GT4 chassis, with the standard V8 taken out and replaced by a classic 6.0-litre Aston Martin V12, with a couple of superchargers thrown in for good measure. The team says the car is producing between 750 and 850PS (552-625kW), with power going to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission. Superchargers and big horsepower aren’t alien to Aston, but parts that are include drift-spec suspension and a 72-degree steering lock.

We have to say, the car looks absolutely fantastic as it sits, with blistered bodywork, aggressive camber and a custom in-bumper exhaust exit at the rear. There’s also cooling where the boot would be, with a giant scoop capturing air to that effect.


The car will be driven by seasoned pro racer Darren Kelly, who has GT3 and D1 titles to his name in his native New Zealand. We look forward to seeing the car in action in FD, where it and Kelly will be taking on Goodwood regulars Dean Kearney, and Ryan Tuerck, as well as Chris Forsberg in his new drift-spec Nissan 400Z, and Federico Sceriffo in his drift-spec Ferrari 599. Yes, you read that right too. What do you think of this drift-spec Vantage? As drift cars go, we reckon it’s very tastefully done, in a fantastic livery, for a great cause.

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