FEB 05th 2015

Video: Chris Harris meets the Bloodhound SSC team – and experiences land speed record g forces in Andy Green's stunt plane

A departure from the usual fast-car topics this time. As a staunch land speed record fan, and a staunch Bristolian I’m a huge fan of the Bloodhound SSC project.

We went to the factory to see the build in progress, and then took a ride with Andy Green in his Extra 300 stunt plane to simulate the g forces involved in the record run.


This project embodies everything that is positive about the UK and the motor industry. It is supported by Jaguar and all the technical data is freely shared with anyone who would like to see it. It is proving to be an inspirational tool to persuade school children to consider a degree in engineering. For that alone it deserves our emotional and monetary support.

To be a part of this once in a lifetime project, click here.


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