Video: Dakar truck v WRC Polo

18th August 2016
Ethan Jupp

Ever wondered how the Kamaz truck and the Polo R WRC got back home from FoS? Luckily Red Bull rigged up some cameras to watch their game of cubic capacity cat and mouse. We say cubic capacity…

In the video above, the Polo R WRC and all of its 1.6 litres of turbocharged rallying fury is pursued by the Kamaz beast which boasts a little over 16 litres… that’s 1,600CC Vs 16,000. How on earth do you get away from that?

Luckily the Polo is rabid rally monster, absolutely chewing through the stage and leaping the jump at the end without breaking a sweat. Compared to the Kamaz, the Polo is a nimble fly. The truck is a hippo, but boy can it dance. Look at it slithering away out back, kicking up dunes and leaping through the trees like something one tenth its size and weight.

What a great chase!

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