DEC 10th 2014

Video: How to drive a Pagani Zonda R around the Nürburgring

That we’d get round to posting a ‘How to Drive…’ video featuring the Nürburgring was a matter of when, not if. This clip of Marc Basseng driving a Pagani Zonda R was looking like a stout option right up until the 1:09 mark, after which it became a shoo-in.

On approaching Schwedenkreuz at many, many miles per hour it looks like there’s a trailer parked on the track. It’s a wince-inducing moment when you see it, but Herr Basseng doesn’t flinch. On rounding the swift left-hander it’s revealed that the trailer in question and two more maintenance vehicles are parked feet away from the blacktop, which our pilot screams round before braking hard for Aremberg.

The rest of the lap is a demonstration of smoothness allied with an clearly exceptional knowledge of the track. Oh and despite the driver’s self-evident ability the car seems like it is absolutely glued and handling beautifully; the amount of front-end grip evident in the left-hander after Wehrseifen being just one example.

As a bonus, the sound quality is decent which affords us mile-after-mile of thoroughly committed V12 music, accompanied by the characterful whine of the straight (or semi-helical?) cut gears.

My favourite part? Probably the amount of speed carried through Bergwerk and in to Kesselchen. Scary fast. Mind you, it’s all magic and, like me, I imagine that you’ll be plotting another trip over to the Rhineland-Palatinate ASAP. Right, where’s the number for the Pagani press office …

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