JUL 22nd 2014

Pininfarina‑designed bicycle, anyone?

A discussion about gorgeous Pininfarina designs could run for some time. Where would you even start? The Ferraris alone would take ages to cover, from the 250 California and Lusso to the 308, F40, and 458; all are stunning. Then there are the Alfa Romeo and Lancia Spiders to get through…

How about bicycles though? This Pininfarina Fuoriserie was built for the Seoul Living Design Fair, and we like it quite a lot.

Pininfarina claims to have taken inspiration from its Lancia Astura Bocca of the Thirties in a few areas, namely walnut-briar root coating on the frame, and ‘The Bridge’ leather on the handlebars and the seat, whilst the rest of the bike contrasts tradition with innovation. A miniature electric motor offers assistance to the rider and therefore increases (in theory) the maximum range which could ‘replace other means of transportation’. Elsewhere the tiny LED lamp represents the very latest illumination technology, and there is even provision for the rider to charge their mobile ‘phone.

This all sounds wonderful, except they’re only going to make 30 of them so you’re not likely to see one chained-up outside your supermarket any time soon. And as for the price, I’m afraid we have no idea. However, it’s likely that you’d be able to acquire an Alfa Romeo Duetto (or two?) for a similar amount. Put that way, we might go for the Alfa(s) instead.

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