The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a 460bhp all-electric SUV

18th November 2019
Bob Murray

Here it is then, the all-new Ford Mustang for 2020: the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Not what you were expecting? Five doors rather than two and all-electric rather than petrol-powered, it’s difficult to imagine something less like a Mustang. The famous pony car line of sporting coupés and convertibles that first kicked off in 1964 has spawned an SUV…


The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a bespoke electric model and the Blue Oval’s first battery-powered car. But while a small-block V8 is definitely not on the options list, performance is not in short supply – at least in the top version. With the drive mode switched to “Unbridled” (geddit?), the fastest Mach-E boasts 465PS (459bhp) and a 0-62mph sprint in under five seconds.

Ford chairman Bill Ford said the car’s unveiling in the US on Sunday (17th November) was akin to a Model T moment for the company, saying the Mach-E would strike the market “like forked lightning”. “The Mustang Mach-E is fast, fun and freedom for a new generation of Mustang owners.”

What the past and current generation of Mustang owners think about seeing such an emblematic nameplate on the nose of a sports utility vehicle is a moot point – but then Ford is far from the first company to sex up the prosaic by leveraging a performance heritage. And in any case viewed strictly as a new SUV the company’s long-awaited response to Tesla, the first of 14 new electric Fords, promises to have plenty going for it.


That starts with the Mach-E’s design: it’s no coupé, but for a high-riding SUV it’s well proportioned and muscular, has a roofline with an undeniable fastback sweep to it and details – none more so than the obviously Mustang-inspired rear lights – interestingly executed. From rear three-quarters there’s a definite Mustang hint to it. For what was primarily a US-based project it also promises to look good on European roads. Neither is it too big: at 4.7m long it’s just a little longer than the similarly electrically-powered Jaguar I-Pace.

There’s going to be a range of these new Fords, with different power outputs, different battery capacities and both rear-drive (single motor) or all-wheel-drive (motors back and front) versions. Prices, yet to be confirmed, are tipped to range from £40,000 up to around £60,000 for a specced-up First Edition.


Headline performer is the Mach-E GT with the aforementioned 465PS backed up by an impressive 830Nm of torque, with all-wheel-drive and 0-62mph in less than five seconds. It is thought this will go on sale after less powerful versions arrive, probably from autumn 2020. The more mainstream Mach-E offering is topped by a model with 337PS (332bhp).

The Mach-E that can go the farthest gets rear-drive only and the largest (98.8kWh) battery pack to make 370 miles on a single charge, although it is worth remembering Ford says all its figures are yet to be confirmed. Standard battery is 75.7kWh of lithium-ion cells under the floor. Charging the Mach-E can be done at home (at a rate of around 38 miles per hour’s charge) if you opt for the Ford Wallbox, or via a fast DC charger at a public charging station when you can get 57 miles worth of juice in 10 minutes.

Ford says the all-wheel-drive versions have the handling advantage plus more traction in slippery conditions, while stopping way short of being an off-roader. All, however, have been tuned for a dynamic drive. There are three drive models: Whisper, Engage and Unbridled, the latter presumably intended as a horsey response to Tesla’s “Insane” mode. The modes tune steering, noise and dashboard displays.


Those dashboard displays are dominated by a 15.5-inch centrally-mounted touch screen in another clear response to the way Tesla does things. Other tech features include a new infotainment interface with wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and apps from smartphones and mobile devices. Cloud-based connectivity allows for over-the-air updates for the operating system. And the Mach-E is a car with no key: you get in using an app on your phone, and if your phone battery dies there’s a keypad on the B-pillar.


All new and bespoke electric-car architecture provides for a five-seat cabin and practical luggage arrangements that include a hose-out compartment up front for muddy boots or sports equipment. The main boot offers 402 litres of space expanding to 1,420 litres with the rear seats down. There’s the option of a full length glass roof, standard on the First Edition model.

UK sales of the ‘Stang SUV are due to begin around October 2020.

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