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NOV 24th 2020

Laura Thomson

Introducing our long‑term BMW F900R | GRR Garage

It’s a popular term here in the UK, but one that elicits mirth from bikers worldwide. To describe a motorcycle as naked is unique to English, with our European neighbours preferring the term ‘roadster’ or ‘streetfighter’. But – and no double-entendre intended here – naked is what we like best. Historically and with the exception of BMW’s GS, un-fared machines have topped the UK sales charts, with Honda’s CB range an enduring favourite, and Yamaha’s MT family creeping up the list since the first model launched in 2014. And last year BMW brought a new bike to the party, replacing the tired F800R with the peppy new F900R.

Earlier this summer, we were lucky enough to get our sticky little mitts on it for an extended road test. With my own bike off the road, and my other vehicles in various states of (dis)repair, it has become my go-to vehicle for journeys large and small. And will continue to be so as winter encroaches.


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