The GRMN is a two-seat GR Yaris you can't buy

14th January 2022
Ethan Jupp

Another day, another car you can’t have, another car that will fetch a small fortune as a grey import. Meet the Japan-only Toyota GRMN Yaris, the answer to our question of what they had cooking when they teased that winged vented “fully tuned” GR Yaris a few weeks ago.


The GRMN bins the back seats on the way to a 20kg weight saving over the standard GR Yaris and is also more rigid thanks to 545 more spot welds throughout the structure. There’s a tougher quicker-ratio manual ‘box and aggressive Recaro bucket seats in the cabin.

Even more of a tantalising prospect is the fact the GRMN can be had in three different configurations. While the ‘standard’ spec is as it says on the tin, also available are ‘Circuit’ and ‘Rally’ packages.


Circuit cars will be limited to 50 units, feature Matte Steel paint, 18-inch GRMN wheels, Bilstein dampers, a carbon bonnet complete with a new vent and a more aggressive swan-neck rear spoiler. It’s also 10mm wider and 10mm lower improving grip and aerodynamic performance. The Rally pack does away with the spoiler and splitter but adds special shocks, a cage where the rear seats used to be and an ‘Under Guard’. 

We’re not bitter (promise) but it’s curious how GRMN used to mean Gazoo Racing Meister Nürburgring, that most famous of German circuits. Yet this GRMN Yaris is once again, earmarked for sale in Japan only. No matter. Quite a few people in Japan who want one won’t get one either. Just 500 examples will be available via a reservation lottery, with winners to be announced in March. They’ll be shelling out the equivalent of, at minimum, £46,000, with the Circuit Pack rising to nearly £55,000. 


The lucky 500 will also get a ‘personalisation programme’ when it comes to speccing their car. Happily, for all GR Yaris owners, some of the parts used on the GRMN will be available for separate purchase this Autumn, to enable cars to “evolve quickly and be tailored to individuals like in motorsports”.

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