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Updated: FEB 21st 2022

James King

The seven most fun cars with engines under 2.0‑litres

If you asked the majority of car enthusiasts what makes a car fun to drive, odds are that a larger engine is toward the top of the list. The bigger the engine the bigger the fun, right? Well, not necessarily. Even taking out the American 5.0-litre engines that seemed to produce as much horsepower as a sparrow’s fart, the argument for big engines being the most fun to drive is a bit of a fallacy. A much more important quality in a car’s fun factor is the set up. If the chassis is tuned with a focus on driveability, then the size of the engine becomes less and less important.

To prove the point, I’ve picked out what I consider to be the most fun cars with an engine under 2.0-litres. I’d wager that you’ll struggle to have more fun in any car than my curated list. If you still aren’t convinced by the end, I’ll challenge you to suggest a larger-engined alternative and we’ll let the public decide.


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