New EV brand Aehra wants to revolutionise car design

04th July 2022
Bob Murray

A disruptor company promising a step-change in the design of luxury electric cars has launched in Italy. Called Aehra, it has unveiled its vision, and the people who will deliver it, but not yet a car. We will have to wait until later this year to get a glimpse of what this “step change” will look like.


As a clean-sheet designer that cherry-picks the best components from around the world and wraps them up in Italian style and luxury, it should be worth waiting for. Did we mention that key people at Aehra are ex Lamborghini and Ferrari?

But perhaps the biggest reason we are excited to clamp eyes on the first Aehra is that it comes with the bold claim that it will revolutionise the way super-luxury electric cars look.

We’ll let Aehra founder and chief executive Hazim Nada explain: “We created Aehra with an undiluted vision to create truly desirable electric cars that are conceptualised from the onset as electric, without the overhang of combustion legacy mindsets.”

Such an approach, he says, will “tackle some of the fundamental shortcomings in the current global automotive industry” and deliver Italian design that “optimises the benefits which EV design affords”.

Aehra’s rationale is that making an electric car that gets away from EVs that continue to look like combustion-engined cars can bring a step-change in aerodynamics, design, cabin space and comfort.

So expect something radical – but also sexy since Aehra’s chief design officer is Filippo Perini, former chief designer at Lamborghini with cars like the Murciélago LP 640, Aventador, Huracan, Centenario and Urus on his CV. His head of design is Alessandro Serra, another ex-Lambo man who more recently was chief of Genesis’s advanced design studio in Europe.

Two cars are promised, a sedan and an SUV, with sales slated to begin in 2025 after the designs are unveiled later this year.  Both will be large with carbon-fibre monocoque bodies on what are said will be leading-edge battery platform technology. The cars are targeting a range of 497 miles (800km) while performance will be “awe inspiring”.

Interior space shouldn’t be in short supply either; the interiors have been designed around a quartet of NBA basketball players.

Is this a hypebole or exciting new cars and a transformative business model? A lot of hot air or, as Aehra believes, a new era (Aehra the name is derived from the Latin for era)? We will have to wait a while yet to discover which.

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