The HiPhi A is a 1,300PS four-door electric hypercar

16th November 2023
Russell Campbell

Chinese car maker HiPhi has unveiled its latest creation. Alongside the tech-heavy and luxurious X, Y and Z SUVs, we now have the HiPhi A, an agressive looking four-door hypercar set to go on sale in 2025.


We've seen a little of what HiPhi has been up to at the Festival of Speed, but the potential speed this new car is beyond anything we've seen from this fledgling brand so far. Expect it to get from 0-62mph in just over two seconds and keep pulling until it hits 186mph. The performance delivered by three electric motors – one at the front and two at the rear – which produce a combined 1,305PS (960kW).

HiPhi is gunning for a 50:50 front-to-rear weight balance and says the car will get adjustable dampers, rear-wheel steer and torque vectoring.


According to HiPhi, the motors' "industry-leading ultra-high-speed carbon-fibre rotor design, matched with full oil-cooling and magnetic cylinder coil direct-cooling technology", means they can run at 22,000rpm are lightweight, compact, quiet and easily upgradable.

The battery is equally innovative. It can discharge up to 1.5MW of power at its peak and features a fireproof top cover and bulletproof underside.


The car will go on show at the Guangzhou motor show on 17th November with production scheduled for the first quarter of 2025. Will it ever make it to the UK? We very much hope so, but expect it to cost a fair penny if and when it does arrive.

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