XP-1 is an electric Morgan three-wheeler for the future

06th December 2023
Russell Campbell

The Morgan XP-1 development car previews a new electric three-wheeler based on the petrol-powered Super 3's underpinnings.


Morgan is targeting a kerb weight of less than 700kg, with a 136PS (100kW) electric motor powering the rear wheel, 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds and a price that plays in the same ballpark as the Super 3. However, the company admits the electric model is years from production.

For now, the XP-1 will help the company shape the driving character of its new EV, develop the powertrain and build EV competence amongst the broader company.


The XP-1's 33kWh battery, motor and inverter are made in-house, a first for a company that has more recently borrowed engines from Harley Davidson and Ford. Key to this decision was maintaining a kerb weight similar to the firm's current models. 

You can expect a range of around 150 miles at cruising speeds, with fast and bi-directional charging capabilities available via the car's nose-mounted charging port. The battery’s status is indicated via 100 LEDs that flash from under four cooling vents under the leading edge of the bonnet.


Aerodynamics were another critical consideration – something that has never been a strong point of the open-wheel design – but the XP-1's revised front end and wheel trims reduce drag by 33 per cent.

Inside, the three-wheeler remains as basic as ever, with little more than an infotainment screen and a beautifully minimal three-spoke steering wheel. The prominent kill switch makes it clear the XP-1 is very much a prototype.


Matt Hole, Chief Technical Officer, Morgan Motor Company, said: "We are immensely proud to be sharing XP-1 with the world and showcasing some of the first-class engineering that takes place behind the scenes at Morgan. As we embark on our electric journey, this prototype will become a focal point of the engineering and design process, providing a wealth of insight and helping to build up our in-house EV capability.

"We are in no doubt that we can ensure future electric Morgan sports cars retain the core appeal of our current range, meaning they are fun to drive, lightweight, handcrafted and bespoke. We will be relentless in our pursuit of preserving these characteristics for our customers for generations to come.


"Because it is not tied to a product, XP-1 provides the unique ability for our audience to join us throughout this exciting learning phase, and we look forward to sharing future updates over the coming months."

In the coming months, Morgan will reveal more information on the XP-1 and you can expect to see the car on display at c events across the country.

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