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MAR 07th 2023

Ethan Jupp

New Lamborghini V12 screams to 9,500rpm

We’re getting close to the reveal of the new Lamborghini flagship, the hybridisation of which has just about been the worst-kept secret in the car industry these last couple of years. What we’ve all been wondering, however, is what form the marque’s incredible V12 will take in a new era of electrification. Well, in the run-up to the car’s reveal, we’ve been given all the juicy details and suffice to say, it sounds like this Bull has been forged to take on both the Ferrari 812 Superfast and SF90 Stradale in a oner, dispensing with the Pagani Utopia along the way… Lighter, more powerful and more aggressive, the new engine displaces 6.5 litres, produces over 800PS (which grows to more than 1,000PS when combined with the electrics) and can get to over 9,000rpm.


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