Lamborghini's future: hybrid Huracan, Urus EV and beyond

22nd June 2023
Ethan Jupp

For any car manufacturer the electric future represents an enormous challenge, let alone Lamborghini, a marque so very defined by its effervescent combustion engines. Well, that future is coming into focus, as CEO Stephen Winkelmann spills a few juicy tidbits on Lamborghini’s path through 2030 and beyond.


Lamborghini hybrids from 2024 – Revuelto, Urus and next Huracan

Speaking with Autocar, Winkelmann gave insights into what we can expect from Lamborghini over the coming years, starting with an updated plug-in-hybrid Urus, the marque’s second PHEV after the new Revuelto. It will take over entirely as the petrol-only car bows out, pairing electric power with the existing 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. A similar setup can be had in the current Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid, though we would expect power figures well over the 700PS mark in the Lambo. That car is due to serve until the end of the decade, when an all-electric successor will take over.

As well as the Urus, the Huracan’s replacement due next year is set to be a PHEV too – largely sharing that hybrid V8 powertrain – and be built on the same production line as the flagship Revuelto. The marque’s self-sufficiency and soaring profits are a large part of why there won’t be a third-generation Audi R8, a model with which Lamborghini has up to this point had to twin its entry-level supercars since the Gallardo, to justify their development.


Lamborghini EVs – an all-new GT and an electric Urus

Both the Revuelo and Huracan replacement are expected to have around a nine-year model life so as yet, Winkelmann has told Autocar that a commitment to what format their successors will take is still a few years out. What is definitely coming is Lamborghini’s first EV in 2028, a fourth model line that’s described as an ‘innovative’ high-riding GT with ‘more ground clearance’ using bleeding-edge battery tech. It will still, in Winkelmann’s words, “have the design of a very sexy car” and be “immediately recognisable as a Lamborghini”. Come 2030, Lamborghini’s line-up will be four-strong, consisting of the two PHEV supercars, the EV Urus and this fourth GT EV.

So what about preserving that inimitable ‘Lamboness’, a worry of all who love the Raging Bull? Winkelmann tells Autocar he so far has “no answer” as far as sound is concerned but that it is “up to us to prove that electric supercars can be as emotional as ICES”. Synthetic fuels are for him, not a dependable solution to keeping combustion engines alive.

He reaffirms the reality that all-electric power is a near-inevitability due to legislation that “will be so high for ICEs that it will be almost impossible for the ones with high displacement like ours to be compliant”.

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