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FEB 07th 2024

Ethan Jupp

OPINION: The GR Yaris’s success proves Toyota went about the Supra’s revival wrong

It’s not often that the calls of the enthusiast are echoed in the cold hard figures of a sales results sheet. So when it does happen, it’s up to us to shout at the car industry from the rooftops: “SEE! We TOLD you!” 

The latest such rare occasion pertains to the success of the GR Yaris and the subsequent relative failure of the GR Supra in terms of enduring appeal sales volume, four years on from both going on sale. What does it prove? Nothing objectively of course – there are so many factors to consider if you want to be definitive – but we reckon it’s suggestive that car enthusiasts will buy thoroughbred, ground-up engineer’s cars and are, at the other end of the spectrum, vehemently repulsed by cynical badge engineering.


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