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MAR 01st 2024

Ethan Jupp

9 tuning titans you need to remember

There have been a few golden eras of car tuning, pertaining to different types of car at different times. It’s safe to say, we’re probably not in one now, given that between EV hypercars and whatever else, power figures are broadly academic. Then aesthetically, most of today’s modifiers are preoccupied with headline-grabbing shock and awe rather than crafting something genuinely innovative that stands the test of time.

Admittedly, that’s really rather difficult. OEMs find it hard enough. But there are a few that if you know them, you know and appreciate them forever. And we’d hazard to suggest, there are a few that have aged quite spectacularly, garnering no doubt the cult adoration of an ever-increasing minority of connoisseurs. So let’s get into them.


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