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APR 05th 2024

Ethan Jupp

The 11 biggest motoring white elephants

Are you familiar with the concept of a white elephant? In the car world, they’re exactly the opposite of what any manufacturer wants to be lumped with. The idea of birthing one is arguably the killer of most bright ideas and big ambitions and the reason why many of the cars we dream about don’t come to fruition. 

White elephants are cars that cost a lot – both to develop and often to buy – and lose money on every unit, of which usually, very few are sold. Sometimes creating one is a conscious decision, an engineering undertaking with the goal of creating a flagship and an icon, that will stand the test of time and be definitive for the brand. Almost without fail, though, the thing that links these cars is that they’re remembered fondly by enthusiasts. So let’s go through a few.


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