Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed concept is an ultra-limited speedster

22nd May 2024
Ethan Jupp

Mercedes-AMG is jumping back on the bandwagon that, arguably, it got rolling, with its latest concept. The PureSpeed is a speedster very much in the image of a popular recent exotic car niche, that began at a stagger with the SLR Stirling Moss of 2009.


The Moss wasn’t exactly a conventionally elegant car and indeed, nor is the PureSpeed. Based very obviously on the latest SL, it gets a front bumper similar in style to the ‘shark nose’ of the F1-engined AMG One hypercar, while doing away with the Panamericana grille.

In spite of shirking that classical styling element of Mercedes front-engined GTs and sportscars of all ages, the claim is that this is as much an homage to the 300 SLR that Moss and Jenks drove to utter dominance in the 1955 Mille Miglia, as past efforts. We don’t quite see it.

The livery is a callback too, to the red Mercedes that won the 1924 Targa Florio, with Christian Werner at the wheel. As is typical for a front-engined speedster, there are sizeable haunches and rollover hoops.  At the rear, we see the familiar rump of an SL.


The AMG One obviously uses an F1-derived engine and the F1 links continue with this PureSpeed with, as you will have seen: a halo. The safety device designed to protect racing drivers without having to resort to closed-cockpit wasn’t exactly loved on its debut, being criticised as a bit ugly and inelegant. A natural fit for a stylish roofless sportscar, then… 

But of course, Mercedes loves a strange link to its exploits in F1, so here we are. We must admit, for those wanting a two-seater that offers an F1 POV, this Mercedes will be the only option. There’s a kind of appeal to that, even if it looks weird.

“The Concept Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed offers a glimpse of what is probably the most direct way to experience performance and driving pleasure,” said Michael Scheme, Mercedes-AMG Chairman.

“Radically open, neither a roof nor the windscreen separate the two passengers from the elements. You can experience light, air and passion unfiltered with all your senses. As the concept of our first Mythos vehicle, it embodies the highest level of exclusivity. Design elements such as the Halo also create a Formula 1 feeling. There is therefore no better place for its world premiere than Monaco."


Indeed, the production version of the PureSpeed is to be the first in an ultra-exclusive line of custom cars, called the Mythos series. There’s no denying, the profit margins for limited-run cars costing five to ten-times the price of the production cars on which they’re based – the Bentley Bacar and Aston Martin V12 Speedster - to name just two, are proving tempting for all premium, performance, and exotic car players.

Mechanically, the PureSpeed is all SL. That’s to say, it’s got the guts of an SL63 with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, sending 585PS (430kW) to all four wheels. A very limited 250-car run is already scheduled, with the cars being offered to ‘the most dedicated Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts and collectors.’ Given the luck (or lack thereof) some have had shifting their speedsters, it’ll be interesting to see how this one does.

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