AUG 07th 2014

286mph Veyron replacement will be 'too fast to test'

Bugatti Veyron

Our friends at Autocar have unearthed details of the Bugatti Veyron’s successor, due in 2016, but reckon its top speed will be too high to verify. The 268mph Veyron Supersport pushed the limit of what’s possible with road-going tyres and, unless tyre technology moves on in the next two years, it might be impossible to find rubber that will keep up with the new Bugatti’s projected 286mph top speed without falling apart.

If they struggle, they could always throw us the keys. We’d find a way.

What else do we know about the as-yet-unnamed Veyron replacement? Five prototype mules have already been out testing, with various power configurations having been trialled. It will use an adapted version of the existing 8.0-litre W16 which will follow the trend of having electric assistance.

Total power is said to be 1479bhp, which compares favourably to the Supersport’s 1183bhp. Like the Veyron, the main construction will be a carbon fibre monocoque and it will have four-wheel drive. The same computer simulations that have produced the 286mph top speed also point towards a 0-60mph time of 2.3sec.

Given that the Veyron’s raison d’etre is being the fastest series production car, news of its faster, more powerful replacement’s arrival in just two years is sure to make it very difficult for Bugatti to sell the 15 remaining Veyrons. Discount for cash, Bugatti?

The full Autocar story is here.


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