Bentley tackles stress with new Azure range

24th May 2022
Bob Murray

Bentley has brought in a neuroscientist to make its cars less stressful for drivers and passengers. You might imagine that cruising around in a Flying Spur or Bentayga was pretty chilled already, but where “wellness behind the wheel” is concerned, Crewe is adamant it can ramp up the calm.


The new laid-back Bentleys go by the name of ‘Azure’ and are available as a standalone spec level across all model ranges, each a counterpoint of cool to the more stressy Speed models.

Bentley says each Azure features a mechanical spec and tactile and visual cues designed to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. Big things, like Dynamic Ride suspension control, are matched by features such as programmable massaging seats.


It appears little has been overlooked – there is even “wellness quilting” on the seats. It’s said to be “an eye-pleasing interplay of light and shade and provide an irresistible invitation to explore with one’s fingertips”. Make of that what you will. Touch is just one of the multisensory considerations, others including the quality of light, sound, smell and thermal comfort in the cabin.

As well as the being the smoothest riding of all Bentley’s models, each Azure delivers the lowest NVH the brand can conjure up and comes with its most multi-adjustable comfort seats, heated and cooled of course. All Azure models feature the Touring Specification of driver assistance systems.


Did Bentley really need a neuroscientist to come up with all this? Working with the company on the de-stressing was creative neuroscientist Katherine Templar-Lewis, brought in after a survey last year showed that stress and mental fatigue had reached a record high. And stressed-out drivers tend to have accidents.

“We consulted with neuroscientists to understand the interrelationship of colour, texture, tactility and even scent to create an atmosphere of relaxed serenity,” says Bentley’s head of colour and trim Maria Mulder.


Bentley chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark said the Azure range represented a “holistic approach to wellbeing behind the wheel, uniting technology, design and craftsmanship to deliver driver and passengers to their destination more relaxed than when they set off.”

Azure models are to be a permanent part of the line-up for the Continental GT, Flying Spur and Bentayga models.

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