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OCT 12th 2021

Bob Murray

Buy the most famous Mini Moke in the world

"I am not a number, I am a free man". People of a certain age will not need reminding where that line comes from. Or indeed what type of car that “free man”, played by Patrick McGoohan, drove around in as he tried to escape his Portmeirion “prison” on the Welsh coast, all the while chased by huge white balls. The car was a Mini Moke. With a stripey canvas top and penny farthing motif on the bonnet.

It all sounds a bit weird today but in the 1960s The Prisoner was cutting-edge TV, an edgy and surreal psychological thriller. McGooham might have played a spy, but there was no glamorous Aston Martin DB5 for him, just that little Mini Moke “taxi” – the actual car you see here. Silverstone Auctions, which is selling it at its NEC Classic Car Show sale in November, says it is the most famous Moke in the world.


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