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OCT 31st 2023
Erin Baker

Erin Baker

Car brands aren't ready to talk about sustainability

How ready are car brands to face consumer questions about their ethics, supply chain, energy usage and sustainability credentials? It’s a rhetorical question, really, because we know the answer: they’re not. The car industry is busy grappling with net-zero manufacturing targets, falling electric car sales across Europe and much cheaper Chinese imports flooding the market (a third of EVs sold in the UK are now manufactured in China).


Erin Baker

A former Motoring Editor at the Telegraph, Erin Baker combines a bike licence and race licence with a love of high-speed cars and penchant for embarrassingly low-speed crashes. Now she has two sons, she’s largely put her leathers to one side, preferring the cut and thrust of automotive industry debates and wondering which cars have Isofix…

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