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MAR 05th 2021

Gary Axon

Cars that redefined the market | Axon’s Automotive Anorak

Admittedly it’s rare, but once in a while, a new car is introduced that seriously disrupts the market sector it’s aimed at, redefining it in the process. This can lead to unusual feelings of sympathy for rival carmakers that have spent years and considerable resources (both human and financial) investing in an all-new model, only to have their hopes and plans unravel before their very eyes when a new game-changing competitor comes along and spoils any chances of commercial success.

Such was the case 25 years ago when in one fell swoop, specialist British sportscar maker Lotus (perhaps unintentionally) effectively annihilated its affordable two-seater roadster opposition overnight when the revered Hethel carmaker unveiled the Elise at the 1996 IAA Frankfurt Show.


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