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JAN 05th 2024

Gary Axon

Cars turning 50 in 2024 | Axon's Automotive Anorak

To continue with the now annual Automotive Anorak tradition, once again I am going to kick off the New Year with a turbocharged blat through a handful of the most significant new cars that were first introduced half-a-century ago, way back in 1974. The unwelcome cocktail of high inflation, union strength causing work disruption with frequent strike rates, plus the impact of the late 1973 fuel crisis plus frequent power cuts at home, made for a miserable times of things overall. Inevitably, this impacted on the automotive industry, with UK new car sales falling by a significant 400,000 units for the year in comparison to 1973.

Many of the world’s leading car makers announced huge losses, especially for local market leader British Leyland, which through regular industrial unrest and poor quality, finally lost the British market lead to arch rival Ford for the very first time. The overall global economic apathy and fight to remain profitable in 1974 was reflected in some of the new car models that were first launched fifty years ago. Consequently, after a bumper 1973 for new car introductions, 1974 was a ‘light’ year, with only a handful of significant major new model introductions. Here they are…


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