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Updated: FEB 10th 2021

Laura Thomson

Defender Works V8 Trophy is a £200k tribute

With the exception of a handful of locations, if man has been there, then so too has a Land Rover Defender. From the depths of the Amazon jungle to the lofty heights of Mount Elbrus (all 5,642m of it), the rugged 4x4 has conquered much of the world, in the hands of civilians, explorers, militaries and aid organisations to name just a few. But with the launch of the new generation Defender, sceptics claimed that this expeditionary gene had been bred out. While that was soon dispelled when the new models hit the market, mourning for the original endured.

However, in the 40th anniversary year of the manufacturer’s debut in the legendary Camel Trophy, Land Rover Classic has offered a glimpse of hope to those die-hard purists, with the announcement of the limited edition, adventure-ready Defender Works V8 Trophy.


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