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MAR 23rd 2021

Bob Murray

Five Jaguar E‑types to buy right now

Admit it, we have all hankered after an E-type at some time or another. And now’s a good time – Jaguar’s sportscar icon is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2021 and there are lots of events coming up to mark the occasion. Want to join in the fun with your own E? We’ve scanned upcoming auctions to see what E-type bargains are coming up…

There’s certainly no shortage of cars. A lot of E-types (about 72,000) were made between 1961 and 1975 And whether it’s a £30,000 roadster or a £300,000 racer there’s probably an E-type out there with your name on it.

Here are five cars that we like and which are coming up for auction over the next few weeks…


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