Genesis X Cabriolet Concept is an LA Show beauty

16th November 2022
Ethan Jupp

Genesis has revealed its latest tantalising concept car. Meet the Genesis X Convertible, a lavish cabriolet cruiser that epitomises our idea of a stunning PCH cruiser of the future. The third in the trilogy of Genesis X concepts is the only open-top, featuring a transparent folding hard top.


It’s low, wide and incredibly distinctive, with that ‘two line’ lighting signature that runs the car’s nose and tail. At the front, it kinks into the signature Genesis triangle shape where the grille might otherwise be. 

That design motif is retained from the Genesis X Speedium Coupe concept, as is the cabin, which has a fantastic digitised wrap-around cockpit/screen design. It really is beautiful inside and out, with added Venice Beach appeal thanks to the drop-top. In a way, being an open top but with such usable rear seats, it sort of reminds us of the imperious American convertibles of the ‘50s and ‘60s from Cadillac and Lincoln.


Sadly, the X Convertible is likely to be the preserve of the LA Auto Show, where it got its debut. There’s very little chance of it making production. That said, with such an effort put into this ‘X’ trilogy of concepts, surely Genesis is considering production of some form of mega flagship? 

We can only hope. For now, the X, especially the Convertible, remains forbidden fruit for all.

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