GFG Concept – Giorgetto Giugiaro's 80th birthday present to himself

05th February 2018
Gary Axon

Ahead of next month’s Geneva Motor Show, renowned car stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro, aided by his son Fabrizio, has released a teaser image to a new four-seater electric luxury saloon – branded GFG – to celebrate two important anniversaries for the family firm.


Giugiaro Senior founded his own independent styling studio – Ital Design – half-a-century ago, designing influential cars such as the original 1974 Volkswagen Golf, the Fiat Uno and BMW M1, with the new GFG saloon intended to mark this important anniversary, as well as Giorgetto’s pending 80th birthday,

The GFG electric Geneva Salon concept saloon has been jointly developed with Chinese energy management company Envision, using Envision's energy management technology to connect the car to a broader energy eco-system, using real-time computing and data analysis to control how, where and when devices produce, store and use energy.

The as yet unnamed GFG concept will have an autonomous driving capability and unique and innovative ergonomics, designed for users who wish to either drive themselves or be driven around by the car itself. The Geneva concept is the second publicly disclosed project for the Giugiaros' new company, GFG Style, which stands for Giorgetto Fabrizio Giugiaro.


Previewing the new GFG Geneva concept car, Giorgetto Giugiaro says “As my 80th birthday gets closer, I’m preparing a car to commemorate it. The prototype is a full four-seater electric salon, combining luxury, sportiness, space and dynamism, along with a steering wheel, as I could not bring myself to eliminate it.”

Giugiaro continues “The prototype is not intended to be a synthesis of my work but a modern take of a classic theme with the addition of solutions on accessibility and functionality that I believe, are unique, also thanks to the use of new technologies. I have designed it for a sophisticated, international, demanding user, who today is still driving but who is soon destined to be driven around by the car itself. I think that beauty is always a matter of proportions and we are not yet ready to accept styling cues that are too revolutionary.”

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