GRR Garage: Honda HR-V goes shooting (sort of)

02nd March 2017
Ben Miles

There is the odd time when we are asked by readers why our long-term cars tend to be load-lugging reliability machines rather than something a little bit more sporty. It's days like this that we can make the reason quite clear.


We make films, and therefore we need something that can not only carry a fair amount of video equipment (camera, lenses, GoPros, gimbal, tripod, second camera, crew etc) but also act as a tracking car when we need to film things on the move.

When we shot our Group A videos the other week the HR-V's surprisingly large load capacity and flat boot floor came into their own. Never has a Honda HR-V trucked along at a reasonable lick with two Group A cars just inches from its bumper while a photographer and a videographer hung out the back capturing some brilliant shots.

Thanks to the HR-V's meaty little diesel motor there was no issue keeping the correct speed, or getting back past the racing metal after some stunning passing shots. The supple suspension allowed some very smooth shots even through some the more twisty sections (St Mary's) which could have sent the unsuspecting video guys flying. Just another feather in the HR-V's cap.

Pricetag of our car: £26,780.

MPG this week: 50.3.

Photography by Ben Miles and Tom Shaxson.

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