Tokyo 2017: Is Honda's Sports EV the coolest electric car yet?

24th October 2017
Bob Murray

A neat little two-seat coupe with contemporary lines, sporty proportions and all-electric drivetrain is, for our money, the star of the Tokyo Motor Show which opens this week. The car is the Sports EV from Honda. 


We knew it was coming but only had a sketch to go on, so when the covers came off all eyes were on just what it would look like in the concept flesh. With its traditional long bonnet, rear-drive look and powerful stance, it didn’t disappoint.

The theme in Tokyo this year is definitely electric, but in a sea of SUV-a-likes the Honda Sports EV stands out for being a rare but welcome sports car. 


It’s a concept, and one with very few tech details so far, but after a good reception in Tokyo its chances of making production relatively soon have to be good. Its electric twin, the Honda Urban EV concept which premiered at Frankfurt in September, goes into production in 2019. 

As our electric future shapes up it’s encouraging that one company at least is not forgetting the sports car. Bring it on Honda, we say.

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