Kadjar Diaries – Panoramic

28th April 2016
Ben Miles

It's just a window, surely that can't make too much difference to the experience of owning, or in our case, living with, a car? So why does the Renault Kadjar's panoramic roof have such an effect on my life?


The answer is quite simple, I'm 6'2", so a lot of cars feel a little cramped in terms of headroom. Open that large hatch and it makes the interior of the Kadjar feel a hundred times more airy and spacious. When you feel a little cramped in most cars, even the illusion of space makes a difference.

But surely it's a distraction? Nope, thankfully it is set far enough back that the drive gains the illusions of space, but not the distraction of seeing everything going on above him or her. It's the little things that change a car.

Later this week I'll hand the keys back to my colleague Will Kinsman for a couple of weeks, I'll let you know how he gets on with our bright red machine.

Average fuel consumption this week: 52.1mpg

Price of our car (Signature Nav dCi 130 2WD)  £23,570 plus £800 optional extras

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