Lexus Morizo RR Concept is a GR Yaris-powered LBX

15th January 2024
Ethan Jupp

Lexus might give its new entry-level LBX crossover a GR-flavoured makeover and has previewed such a model with this, the LBX Morizo RR concept. Packing a hopped-up 304PS version of the very same 1.6-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine as the GR Yaris, it’s a hot crossover in waiting.


In terms of design, we see slightly puffier arch trims, a more aggressive nose treatment, a diffuser-clad rump and twin exhausts. Yellow highlights on the nose and brake calipers complete the look, as do the big 19-inch wheels that cover said brakes. On the snide we see a nice set of sports seats, yellow seatbelts and sporty trimmings.

In terms of the mechanicals the familiar GR Yaris stuff mentioned above is also accompanied by the brand new performance-tuned eight-speed automatic just debuted on the updated hot hatch. Indeed, an auto is much more in-keeping with the Lexus brand.

That sends the thrumming three-pots power to all four wheels via the GR Yaris’s electronically-controlled all-wheel-drive system. Presumably that hotter engine also features the modifications made for the new GR Yaris – stronger pistons and valvetrain included – to provide that potency reliably.

The name Morizo is one shared with Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda, otherwise known as the father of the LFA. Those nicknames join others like ‘master driver’. This LBX gets the Morizo name because it’s effectively designed with him in mind. It’s a car that as a Toyota statement reads, 'Morizo himself could enjoy on weekends as a trusted partner, like his favourite pair of comfortable, well-worn sneakers’. Akio even calls it his personal car in the video below. Could it be the boss man has commissioned this as a one-off for himself? You would, wouldn’t you..?

Or of course, Lexus could build a hot LBX to sell. But Lexus has the performance F brand, which hasn’t been utilised for this concept and this hot LBX also wouldn’t be entirely conducive with Lexus’s push for hybridisation and electrification in the UK. Lord knows we’d love to see a hot little LBX F, or better yet, LF-BX, in this little concept’s image but we fear the chances of that happening are slim. Make it happen, Akio. Share the wealth!

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