MG Cyberster is an MGB-inspired EV

31st March 2021
Bob Murray

MG is not above an April 1st joke – this is the firm that in 2019 came up with coloured tyres that painted the road red as you drove along – and the ultimate MG jest would have to be an announcement that it is bringing back the MGB. And that it has duly done today, April Fool’s Day. Except that – apparently – it is not a joke…


What it is is a rather unlikely idea that goes by a weird name – the MG Cyberster – and is based on a rather iffy drawing of a concept. But, we say again, it’s not a joke – honest – though why they would choose today of all days to announce it is beyond us.

It’s not actually the MGB of course but a modern take on it: a two-seat roadster but all-electric with a claimed 500-mile range, 0-62mph in under three seconds and 5G connectivity. Stay with us on this.

MG says the Cyberster “recalls” the B with its “round headlights and slim grille design” but we’re blowed if we can see any similarity at all beyond the two-seat open-top layout. What we can see are rather strange headlights – they are called Magic Eye and open when you switch them on, and no that’s apparently not a joke either.


Then there’s the abundance of “laser belt” LED strip lighting outlining the sides, the doors and that very severe Kamm-style rear end. The taillamps project a digital image representing MG’s heritage onto the road surface. Seriously.

“Sports cars are the lifeblood of the MG DNA and Cyberster is a hugely exciting concept for us,” says Carl Gotham, head of the SAIC (MG’s parent) design studio in London where the Cyberster was born.

“The Cyberster is a bold statement that looks strongly into MG’s future, touching on our heritage but more importantly building on our cutting-edge technology and advanced design,” says Carl.


Well, sure. We and surely millions of others around the world are all for MG sportscars again. Under SAIC Chinese ownership MG has carved a successful niche for itself with affordable hatchbacks, crossovers and electric cars, but short shrift has been given to what for many people remains the stereotypical MG: a two-seat roadster.

So are they going to do a sportscar and is this it? Our advice: hold the guffaws until 21st April when MG says it will show the Cyberster at the Shanghai Motor Show. You never know, the Cyberster might be a real looker in the flesh, and they actually might commit to making it. Funnily enough, we really hope so.

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