Mini eMasetered is a £125,000 Mini EV from David Brown Automotive

21st September 2023
Russell Campbell

David Brown Automotive, a name now synonymous with building lovely little remastered classic Minis, has revealed an electric version, called the Mini eMastered.


According to the company, the eMastered “showcases the perfect fusion of timeless aesthetics and electric propulsion, redefining the art of driving for the modern age” but as you’ll read, it comes at a price.

First to the good news. At just 640kg, the eMastered weighs the same as an original petrol model. Equipped as it is with a Zonic 70 electric motor producing 97PS (72kW), it’s a good deal quicker than the classic ever was. A healthy 175Nm (130lb-ft) of instant torque and a single gear means it’ll feel particularly spritely in town, not to mention it’ll be smooth and quiet when not doing 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds.

A small battery is the secret to the eMastered’s feather-like weight, but David Brown claims the 18.8kWh power source is still good for WLTP-certified range of 110 miles or about the same as a Honda e hatchback manages. 


Quick charging times are another plus. A full recharge takes just three hours using a wall charger, via the charging port hidden under the fuel-filler cap.  

Aside from the power source, the eMastered gets the same treatment as any other David Brown Mini. On the outside it’s de-seamed and treated to extended wheel arches, with added strengthening and sound deadening. There’s also an extensive list of paint finishes and wheel designs. The inside is just as customisable with a choice of leather finishes, plus you get modern infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

And the price? Well, you best sit down for that. Before tax, it’s £125,000. The first cars are expected to be delivered to their new owners in the coming weeks.

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