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Updated: JAN 03rd 2023

Gary Axon

More cars that turned 60 in 2022 | Axon's Automotive Anorak

It's said that as you get older, the years fly by even faster. Turning a significant age shortly this Christmas, I can certainly attest to this. As with 2022 now rapidly a disappearing memory, for most of this year I have been meaning to follow up on a piece on the 60th anniversary celebrations of a number of important British cars first launched in 1962. Forgive me that it’s taken so long, but with time-a-ticking until we move into 2023, I realised that if I don’t get this done now, it will never happen, so here goes with a very swift canter through half-a-dozen of the best of the foreign fair that debuted 60 years ago.


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