Morgan x OB Super 3 is the ultimate sportscar Christmas gift

21st November 2022
Ethan Jupp

Of all the times of the year to launch a specially-prepared open-topped sportscar intended for your holidays, 21st November – exactly a month before the darkest day of the year, when we’re looking out in the morning for frosts – doesn’t seem the obvious choice. Yet here we are with the Morgan Super 3 by Orlebar Brown. Yes, the very same Orlebar Brown that specialises in über-stylish swim shorts often sported by a certain Mr Bond.


Of course, you could flip that juxtaposition on its head. That which is perfect for Summer but considered on Winter’s eve, is a firm candidate for a tidy Christmas present, should funds permit. Imagine waking up to this wonderful little car – bow on the snout – on the morn’ of December the 25th?

So what marks the OB Morgan Super 3 out? The pastel beige is very distinctive, with laser-cut geometric luggage racks and red bungee chords over the sideblades. On the inside, Khaki Sand technical fabric trim is very distinctive, featuring red accents to match the outside and OB’s identity. The instrument cluster in a retro touch is also body coloured, as are the spotlight covers. The biggest addition however is the new sunshade canopy, as created and the car adapted by Morgan special projects. Not exactly one for rain storms, but will shield you when the sun gets a little too much. Of course, OB branding is everywhere, inside and out.


“Super 3 is a statement of individuality, providing a blank canvas to reflect one’s personality whilst offering the means to experience adventure,” said Jonathan Wells, Morgan’s Chief Design Officer.

“The OB x Morgan Super 3 introduces a colourful new character in the Super 3 Story. It has been a pleasure to work with the OB team to deliver a suite of exclusive features and curate an adventurous, purposeful yet relaxed, holiday ready aesthetic.”

Will 007 get one to match his budgie smugglers? That we don’t yet know.

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