Mountune boosts Puma ST and Fiesta ST

03rd June 2021
Ethan Jupp

Fast Ford wizards Mountune have revealed their next slate of upgrades for the buzzy little three-cylinder engines found in the Fiesta ST and Puma ST. Up to 260PS (191kW) and 365Nm (270lb ft) is available – a 60PS (44kW) boost – turning these hot little cars into veritable firecrackers.


There’s no expensive invasive open-heart surgery required either. There’s no turbo swap, no cam swap. The software wizards at Mountune can give you the power boost via its OBD dongle and its SMARTflash smartphone app. As simple as plug in and click. 

Mountune does however recommend that owners install the induction kit upgrade to maximise the gains from the software. To anyone worried about what the tunes will do to the feel of the cars every day or their usability, fear not. Mountune is vocal about how it aims for an “OEM+ feel” with its upgrades. In short, it drives like it would as standard, just with more power.


If the strong value proposition of £675 is still a bit too much for you, or you don’t really need 260PS, there’s also a 235PS (173kW) upgrade available for £575. Those who have existing 225 and 235 upgrades on their Fiestas can rejoice, too. The M260 upgrade is available to them for just £99.

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