Nissan unveils new limited edition GT-R

13th September 2021
Bob Murray

Here is a lottery prize you might care for: a brand spanking new Nissan GT-R, the latest version of the supercar that time can't kill. But you will have to move to Japan to get your ticket.


Nissan loves a lottery. Decades ago the Japanese giant held lotteries to decide which lucky folk got their hands on cars like the retro-chic Nissan Figaro and S-Cargo van. Buyers outnumbered the cars' limited production runs so instead of first come, first served, Nissan ran a draw to decide who would win the right to buy one.

That's the idea behind the new limited-edition T-spec GT-R of which 100 are to be made available with successful purchasers selected by lot – but in Japan only.


We are a little surprised that the GT-R – senior citizen of the supercar ranks at 15 – is so oversubscribed Nissan needs to go to these lengths, but 'Godzilla' has always had its followers and clearly still does.

The all-wheel-drive turbo super-coupe remains a unique proposition is some ways and the new T-spec builds on that with a range of updates for the two Japan-market-only versions available, the GT-R Premium Edition T-spec and GT-R Track Edition Engineered by Nismo T-spec.


The updating extends to carbon-ceramic brakes, a carbon-fibre rear spoiler, different engine cover, a couple of new badges and two new colours: Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade. The Premium version gets an exclusive interior design and bronze-coloured alloys, while the more track-focused Nismo edition additionally comes with a carbon-fibre roof and boot lid. Other than that they are they same monster we know and love.

It all smacks a little of a run-out special to us, but all good things must come to an end. We just hope there's a replacement – and unlike the reinvented 350Z it will be sold in the UK. Some things are too good to stay in Japan...

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