Polestar launches two concept... bikes

06th September 2021
Ethan Jupp

There’s been a step-change in motorshows in these past couple of fallow years where nothing’s been on, in that they’re not really just motorshows anymore. Take the IAA Munich show at which these two contraptions have debuted, perfectly appropriately, because its official title is IAA Mobility. Meet the Makka and the Re:Move, both collaborations between Polestar and the electric motorbike pioneer Cake.


Firstly, the more conventional-looking machine. The Makka Polestar Edition is a lightweight electric bike specifically designed to be used in combination with the Polestar 2. A special mount means it can be carried by the car and charged on the move. Once you’re parked, you unhook the bike and ride off on the last mile of your journey, or for an adventure into the wilderness. Polestar additions to the standard Makka include styling changes, an Öhlins rear damper and special colouring.

“Instead of wasting time in a traffic jam, finding a parking spot or squashing up in a crowded train, together with the team at Polestar we want to make the future of mobility flexible, accessible and emission-free – while aiming to create cities for people, not for cars that pollute,” said Cake CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn.


Sounds fun. Now, what about this Re:Move? It’s along similar lines, only for a more commercial and delivery audience. It’s a trike that’s bike lane compatible at just 750mm wide but with a hefty load capacity of 180kg. It could make for the perfect zero-carbon urban delivery solution. The alloy chassis has a tilt mechanism that helps stability and manoeuvrability. A damped rear swing arm helps reduce driver fatigue.

“With the obligation to inspire towards zero emissions, Re:Move defines a new vehicle category. We’re delighted to contribute with our high-capacity battery, hub motor and smart technology,” Ytterborn says. 

So, could special electric machines like these be the future of urban travel and commerce? It’s looking more and more likely.

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